What Personal Computer should I buy?

I have been asked many times by a customer or a friend, hey I am thinking about getting a new PC. Which computer should I buy? This is not a particularly hard question to answer because if we are talking strictly on a hardware basis, i.e., monitor, memory, video card, hard drive, etc., then there really is not that big of a difference in hardware between the big seven (Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Gateway, Sony and Toshiba).

You may get a different physical design from one to the other but as for performance not that much of a difference between them so I am not going spend a bunch of time on that. Of course there is Apple’s MAC which in my opinion should be highly considered, but for this article we will only deal with the PC.

Where I do think the companies differ significantly is support, the during and after the purchase support that makes it easy for you to choose a system and configure it the way you want it and then get good technical support after you have made the purchase. Take a look at the chart below ( click the link below to load the chart) for an idea where the companies rate. I included Apple because they are so highly rated.


I hope that this helps you with your computer purchase decision. I would suggest that before you get rid of that laptop or PC because it is having problems with viruses, malware, spyware, running slow, not booting, blue screens, hard disk errors that you would give us a call here at D&T LLC at 908-444-6317.

Our cost is reasonable, our staff is professional and we may be able to save you a significant amount of money on a new system by repairing the one you currently own. It makes since to have your current system checked before purchasing a new one.